MACH EC520 | Escalator cleaner

MACH EC520 - escalator and moving sidewalk cleanaer

The easy way to revive escalators
The revolutionary EC520 is changing everything. Effortlessly clean escalators and moving walkways in under one hour, using both a dry sweep and wet scrub cycle to effectively remove even the toughest debris. Innovative and competitively priced, it will blow your mind and not your budget.

The EC520 cleans escalators and moving walkways using both a dry and wet cleaning cycle. It is ideal for both everyday cleaning and to remove engrained dirt and heavier marks.

The revolutionary double brush system guarantees results and once in position, the EC520 works automatically, leaving the operator free to dedicate their time to other tasks.

The new stainless-steel vacuum chamber, furthermore maximizes pick up of water, leaving the steps clean and dry.

The new solution and recovery tanks, with greater capacityprovide more cleaning time, reducing the need to stop and refill during operation and eliminating associated downtime.

The EC520 cleans escalators and moving-walkways, of any brand, with a width of 51cm or greater. It isn’t necessary to stop the escalator to clean with the EC520, and a cleaning cycle is completed in a matter of minutes.

Edge2Edge® technology guarantees perfect cleaning even at the edges of the steps. The brush deck, which rotates 180 degrees, is fitted with thin spacers, allowing it to be placed in direct contact with the escalator’s side panel.

Despite the multiple functions and high performance offered by the EC520, it remains a compact machine, making it easy to transport on its wheels and to be lifted via the pull-out handles.


Dry cleaning phase MACH EC520 Wet cleaning phase MACH EC520 MACH EC520 | Edge2Edge® Technology MACH EC520 | High capacity tanks, easy to inspect

Dry cleaning phase

Wet cleaning phase

Edge2Edge® TechnologyEdge2Edge® Technology

High capacity tanks, easy to inspect

The dry cycle, removes and vacuums small stones, dust, sand, and other small objects that can damage the internal mechanisms of an escalator.


Vaporizing a specially formulated substance, it’s possible to remove marks and stuck on dirt, such as fat residues, oil, drinks, and other dirt that isn’t eliminated in the dry cycle.


Close cleaning right up until the escalators balustrade, independent of the width of the steps.


Extend up time and make cleaning the machine after operation simpler.


MACH EC520 | Lifting handles and wheels for transport MACH EC520 | Vacuum chamber in stainless steel MACH EC520 with Optional auxiliary vacuum Scrubber-dryer squeegee MACH EC520

Lifting handles and wheels for transport

Vacuum chamber in stainless steel

Optional auxiliary vacuum

Scrubber-dryer squeegee

Agilely transport the machine to the work site, in any application.
The brush deck’s protective casing, in stainless steel, safeguards its components from accidental impact and creates an efficient vacuum chamber that guarantees complete pick up of water and debris.
In particularly dusty environments the EC520 can be connected to an external vacuum.
The EC520 TOP version includes a squeegee, making it possible to use the machine to scrub and dry small areas.
MACH EC520 | Brushes in PPL and TYNEX MACH EC520 | Complete accessory kit MACH EC520 | Work autonomously

Brushes in PPL and TYNEX

Complete accessory kit

Work autonomously

Interchangeable, according to the characteristics of the steps, the dirt, and the choice of cleaning mode.
The kit includes a spray gun for the pre-wash stage, and a tool to clean the risers. The kit is standard for the TOP version or is available as an optional for the BASE version. The EC520 is the most complete, versatile, and competitive escalator cleaner on the market.
Once positioned, the machine works completely autonomously, and the user can therefore carry out other tasks in the vicinity, whilst supervising operation.

Commercial centers, multistory car parks, subway systems, stations, airports, casinos, hotels and resorts, public and private buildings, supermarkets, theme parts, cruise ships, museums…

Escalators, moving sidewalks, moving walk ways, moving sidewalks, horizontal escalators, and small floor areas.

MACH EC520 - escalator and moving sidewalk cleanaer