Carpet Cleaner Model MAXY22







- Carpet cleaner : Extract
- Solution injection jet In/Out
- Can be used with carpet detergents
- Internal injection pump
- Squeezee type Nozzle
- Round brush for cleaning sofas
- Can be used as a vacuum cleaner
- OPTION Polyester filter
- OPTION can choose types of nozzles ro be used with vacuum hose of 36 mm.


Moter 1,000 Watt
PVC tank 22 Ltrs.
Detergent tank 6 Ltrs.
Pump 48 Watt.
Air flow 170 m3/hr.
Depression 2,200 mm.H2o.
Vacuum Hose 36 mm. x 2.5 meters
Electric 220 V. / 50 Hz.
Electric cord 8.5 M.
Dimension 34x32x47 cm.








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